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We had an amazing experience with Jamie. We had a challenging house to sell because of a strict Military timeline, busy schedules, untidy toddlers and pets and, some other hurdles that appeared (if I were a realtor), to be considered nightmare material. Jamie was completely unfazed and just charged ahead. She stayed engaged, was in constant communication with us and alleviated much of our stress by handling appointments for inspections, repairs, updates,etc. with little to nothing needed from us. She organized the open house when we were away on a trip which was perfect and, took on a significant amount of work on her own to help prep. Her strength was the staging service (we wish we would've had her arrange things when we moved in!!) and the quality of photos/internet engagement. She didn't just post the listing and move on, she was constantly tweaking it to make it better. I'm convinced her staging/photos was what got us so many offers at (and above!) our listing price. Her real strength came in after the offers-her local knowledge. She knows the market and utilizes her excellent negotiation skills to get the best offers out of any potential buyers. Again, she stayed engaged and fought for us, and got the best outcome despite the buyer's complicated situation. She stayed connected well after the sale to make sure we were taken care of and that the closing went smoothly. I've worked with many realtors before, unlike the others she definitely earned her commission. A no-brainer- pick her!

Capt. Alex Nutting (USAF)

We first met Jamie when we were tagging along with friends on their house search. She was fun, full of energy, extremely knowledgeable, honest and upbeat. When we started searching for our own home, she reached out to us and asked if we wanted to go on a tour. Never really having decided on an agent, Jamie continued to check in, taking us on tours and sending listings. Of course after months of this, my husband and I obviously declared her our realtor but she didn’t know that, and that didn’t matter. She would have worked for us regardless because she was a hard worker, dedicated and just never gave up. After a year of driving Jamie nuts with our ridiculous and constantly changing wish list, she never once showed any sign of being annoyed or aggravated but stuck to our demands and, catered to the mercy of our young baby's schedule even if it was inconvenient to her. No matter what the outcome, she was always supportive of our decisions. She understood that buying a home was a big decision...she never pressured us but helped us understand and discover what WE really wanted. Eventually we found our home but the initial deal fell through. What we didn’t realize was behind the scenes Jamie was still advocating for us...being positive and using every ounce of compassion and persistence in her, she strived to find a middle ground between us and the seller. Needless to say, after thinking we had to "move on” we were surprised and so excited when Jamie brought the good news that our home deal was revived It was even more impressive because we were somewhat geographically out of her local network which backs up her expertise and ability to make a successful deal happen. Without Jamie, doing this on her own merit and out of the goodness of her heart, it would have never happened. After a year of working with Jamie, as excited as we were to end our house search, we were sad to see her go. We enjoyed her outgoing personality, outstanding work ethic and never ending persistence, We highly recommend her to anyone. If you are looking for someone who will truly listen to your wants and needs, than Jamiee Dee Frontiero is the realtor for you.

The Beebe Family (MA)